Mable Taplin

“My mother taught me to prioritize my life-God first, family second and myself last. And Hillary Clinton, I think she should give up at this point. It’s just a distraction, and if the Democrats have a shot at winning the presidential election they need to unite as soon as possible.”


Autherine Kelly

“Always treat people the way you want to be treated. And I think Hillary Clinton should drop out.”


Travis Latham

“A lesson that my mother taught me was to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. Don’t necessarily judge everyone, but give them the benefit of the doubt first, and then judge them after you get to know them. As for Hillary Clinton, she should definitely get out of the race because, mathematically, there is no way for her to win. Not to mention, it’s hurting the Democratic Party for her to continue to stay in the race and bash Barack Obama. That isn’t good.”


Lillie Tillis

“The valuable thing my mother taught me was to stay out of trouble. Hillary Clinton; she should just bow out of the race.”


Darren Tillis

“My mother taught me to respect your elders and to listen before speaking. I think Hillary should throw in the towel. I think they are attempting to develop more issues about Obama, but he has taken all the punches they have thrown at him. Right now, it is time for her to get out of the race and bow gracefully.”


Sherrell Tillis

“My mother has taught me that God is the foundation and head of your life, and that family values are very important. As for Hillary Clinton, I think it is time to let go at this point and join the Obama campaign.”


Elouise Rogers

“Always respect my elders and help people when you can. Whatever you can do to help you should do. Hillary Clinton should not continue.”


Dorothy White

“My mother taught me to always respect my elders. And I think Hillary Clinton should bow out gracefully.”

*Dorothy White is the mother of former 15th District Cmdr. Al Wysinger. Elouise Rogers is Wysinger’s grandmother.