Elementary and high school students in Austin will be honored Thursday May 22, for their achievement in mathematics.

Close to 100 Austin students in grades six through nine will be honored in a ceremony starting at 6 p.m., at the Sankofa Cultural Arts Center, 5820 W. Chicago. The students are being honored by the Benjamin Banneker Association (BBA), a national mathematics organization. Benjamin Banneker was a famed mathematician and astronomer born in 1731. He died in 1806 at age 75.

The association bearing his name advocates and promotes high academic achievement in mathematics for children of African descent.

The honorees and schools they attend are:

Louis Armstrong Math/Science Academy, 5345 W. Congress Parkway

Cornelius Banks – 6th grade

Chiniqua Davis – 6th grade

Crystal Davis – 6th grade

Trymelle Johnson – 6th grade

Milton Brunson Math and Science School, 932 N. Central

Caprice Guy – 8th grade

Clarence Maxwell – 8th grade

Tyler Mothershed – 8th grade

Priestly Thompson – 8th grade

Burbank Elementary School,
2035 N. Mobile

Tamera Allen – 6th grade

Norjoria Pratt – 7th grade

John Tolefree – 7th grade

Briana Mitchell – 8th grade

George Rogers Clark School,
1045 S. Monitor

Sean Mathis – 6th grade

Aaliyah Billings – 8th grade

Tearie Williams – 8th grade

Oscar DePriest Elementary School, 139 S. Parkside

Christopher Covington – 6th grade

Brittany McCray – 6th grade

Shakir McThune – 6th grade

Maurice Moore – 6th grade

“Duke” Ellington Elementary School, 243 N. Parkside

Jerold Beene – 6th grade

Alahna Davis – 8th grade

Dwane Gholston – 6th grade

Sharnequa Hunter – 7th grade

Deono Matchem – 8th grade

Emmet Elementary School,
5500 W. Madison

Precenia Campbell – 8th grade

Hywania Orange – 8th grade

Thyesha Parker – 8th grade

Victor Wallace – 8th grade

Julia Ward Howe School,
720 N. Lorel

Monet Worsham – 6th grade

Dominicia Henderson – 6th grade

Shaniqua Nelson – 7th grade

Jamel Scott – 8th grade

John Hay Elementary School,
1018 N. Laramie

Timothy Brown – 8th grade

Wesley Gilmore – 8th grade

Adorah Harris – 8th grade

Quinton Henry – 8th grade

Francis Scott Key Elementary School, 517 N. Parkside

Ukarya Allgood – 7th grade

Martin Horner – 8th grade

Kiaria Martin – 8th grade

Khalid Reed – 6th grade

Lewis Elementary School,
1431 N. Leamington

Sharazazi Dyson – 8th grade

Aiesha Elliott – 8th grade

Ladonna Johnson – 8th grade

Brittany Williams – 8th grade

Locke Elementary School,
3141 W. Jackson

Lucinda Horton – 8th grade

Janet King – 8th grade

Lovett Elementary School,
6333 W. Bloomington

Henry Atou – 6th grade

Terrian Brownlee – 6th grade

Marquise Howard – 6th grade

Brandon Smith – 6th grade

Horatio N. May Community Academy, 512 S. Lavergne

Lure Thomas – 6th grade

Bryndazia Clayton – 7th grade

Brian Williams – 7th grade

Fashon Johnson – 8th grade

McNair Academic Center,
4820 W. Walton

Janice Ford – 8th grade

Paris Lockett – 8th grade

Maurice Walker – 8th grade

Joshua Sellers – 8th grade

Nash Elementary School,
4837 W. Erie

Shaliyah Brown – 7th grade

Julius Fenderson – 7th grade

Yolanda Johnson – 7th grade

Marquitta Thomas – 7th grade

Sayre Language Academy,
1850 N. Newland

Alexia Betts – 6th grade

Travis Liddell – 6th grade

Takyra Norvell – 6th grade

Arlicia Sykes – 6th grade

Spencer Academy Elementary School, 214 N. Lavergne

William Elder – 6th grade

Emmanuel Highley – 6th grade

Raven Starnes – 7th grade

Jermy Terry – 7th grade

Hanson Hughes – 8th grade

Darnell Ratliff – 8th grade

Ella Flag Young Elementary School, 1434 N. Parkside

Javonte Jackson – 7th grade

Xavier Ingram – 7th grade

Angel Lighting – 8th grade

Zina Williams – 8th grade

High school ninth graders

Austin Business & Entreprenuerialship Academy,
231 N. Pine

Shaquill Freeman

Taron Jennings

Amber McKinnley

Natasha Rankin

Bianca Taylor

Austin Polytechnical Academy,
231 N. Pine

Jhemeka Baldwin

Derrick Bradshaw

Stranja Burge

Michelle Jackson

Alicia Johnson

Frederick Douglas High School,
543 N. Waller

Tashmine Hayward

Pierre Laniyan

LaShanna Parker

Desharae Robinson

Jasmine Wenthworth

Michele Clark High School,
5101 W. Harrison

Donnisha Bailey

Darius James

Arianna Gills

Tatyana Shaw