Andre Griffin

“Yes, I would support it. If you are not doing what you are supposed to, we should be able to get someone to do what they say. As for a recall: any elected official who is not doing his or her job should be recalled.”

Naeem Karrien

“I think it could be a pro or con version of the legislation. If the legislation is actually used then it could be utilized in a way to review or re-evaluate individuals who are not performing. On the other hand, it could be used to get people out who might be doing some good but the establishment doesn’t want. I believe that the voters speak for themselves when they actually vote for these individuals. Once the vote is cast, that is the voice of the people. But there is another part called the impeachment process. So I guess what I’m saying is that there should be some kind of accountability committee that could, after every term, evaluate the individual; to see if they have met the expectations they promised.”

Thaddeous Christian

“Yes, because there are so many people who are no longer there who I feel should be in place. So many people have been left behind because of the way the situation is today. I’m not sure which officials to recall them.

My thing is: with the alderman, if we the people would stand up, do what we need to do and hold our officials accountable, then we would not need to recall. We are the ones that can make a difference.”

Pastor Marva Henry Parker

“I would support it. I don’t like the way they always do things, and the way some things are done isn’t honest. So if they’re not honest, I would love for them to re-do it and elect other officials. Recall the alderman.”

Victoria Chambers

“Yes, I would support it because there are a lot of people who campaigned for them and promises were made. If they don’t keep those promises, I think they should be recalled and someone else should have their position. As for who? Anyone not keeping their campaign promises should be recalled. We put them in there on those promises. They say they are going to do certain things in certain neighborhoods [and] uphold certain amendments. If it’s not done, they have broken their promises and, in turn, hurt the people.”

Kathy Allison

“I absolutely support recall because I feel like we are the voters. If we vote them into office and they don’t live up to their promises they should be recalled.”