Jesuit school model offers more opportunity

I write as the proud father of a student at another Jesuit high school in the Chicago Province of Jesuits [Catholic school opens this fall, May 22]. The Jesuit model of education is exceptional. The special programming for the Christo Rey schools sounds focused [and] I especially like that they employ the five Jesuit standards for “The Graduate at Graduation,” namely that the graduate is: open to growth; religious; intellectually competent; loving; and committed to justice. The Christo Rey schools add a sixth standard-that the grad has work experience. What more could we want from our high school graduates?

Douglass Davidoff
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Time to hold parents accountable

This article is right on the money [To curb youth violence, parents must be held accountable, Randon Gardley, May 22]. There needs to be a serious effort to hold parents accountable for their children. Too often, parents get a free pass.

Ebony Jackson
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Attacks will continue on Obama

When Barack Obama first addressed Bill Clinton’s attacks in the beginning of the primaries he did it in the same way [How much can Obama’s suit of armor take? Robert Felton, May 22]. Since then, everybody knows exactly what will come next from the Republicans.

Maz Hess
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Support comprehensive health care reform

It’s encouraging to see many of our country’s health organization leaders focus on national health care reform [Health care industry CEOs offer reform plan, May 15]. They recognize the need to find real solutions that provide all Americans access to affordable health insurance. However, to fix our nation’s healthcare system, it is essential that we address the unique concerns of the one group that is disproportionately struggling to obtain and provide affordable healthcare: small businesses. The fact is small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Health care is their No. 1 issue, yet, finding and providing affordable health insurance has become an overwhelming obstacle for many small business owners. To fix our system, we must first fix it for small businesses. As the article mentioned, it is important that the next president address the current health care crisis and health issues that plague so many Americans. Let’s ensure small business owners and employees are provided a health care reform plan that makes sense for them.

Amanda Austin
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Scrap county sales tax

How about cutting the Cook County Sales tax [How you can really stimulate the local economy, Arlene Jones, May 22]. I can’t think of a more punishing tax.

Bill Baar
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Enough said

Good story [Center aims to close Africa’s digital divide, May 15]!

Lesley R. Chinn
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I will never forget her

I would like to thank God for letting me get to know such a wonderful person [Never take life for granted, Siedah Sivels, May 8]. Siedah always had a beautiful smile on her face and always said “Hello” to me. I would also like to thank her wonderful family for putting her testimony out there and letting people get to know her. She never gave up. She kept fighting with her head up high. Siedah will never be forgotten-she will always be in my mind and heart.

Britannia Gunter
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