Hillary showed why people dislike politicians

Mrs. Clinton-what can one say [Perhaps principle, not politics, keeps Clinton in race, Randon Gardley, May 29]? Her campaign has strayed far away from principled issues and has primarily focused on what her rival, Mr. Obama, can not do and why he is so inexperienced. She has spent most of her time exhibiting why he is wrong for the position instead of why she is right for the position. Her campaign is the interview of her lifetime. She is failing miserably. Mrs. Clinton has “misspoken” (lied) so much in this election; she has successfully lived up to the stereotypical blemish that all politicians are liars. Sadly to say, she has run her campaign true to form of what society already thinks of women: that we are emotional creatures. The tactic that she should’ve focused on is “Can I beat McCain? Am I equipped for that?” She has used her disdain for Barack’s lack of experience as a strength. But instead, it has become one of her weakest strategies. We have tons of ‘experienced’ politicians in office now, and the state of this country is in horrible condition. We, in the wonderful employment world, all know that “lack of experience” means nothing. The television character Michael Scott from the show The Office has years of experience, more than his subordinates- and he is an idiot.

Nieta Linzy
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Program worth its weight

I just wanted to congratulate Jackee for all her hard work and accomplishments [A chance to give back to her community, June 5]. I am also part of the GYO program. I am glad to be able to read about what this program has offered us and that the article is out there so others can learn a little more about the program. All GYO members appreciate the opportunities it has offered us.

Maira Diaz
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Barack can make King’s dream a reality

Speaking as a white, 48-year-old male Republican, I fully support Barack Obama [Senator Barack Obama made the right choice, Sandra Johnson, April 10]. I have waited a long time for someone who says what he feels is right rather than what is politically expedient. Barack was 100 percent correct when he spoke of Pakistan being the real threat, and the media had a heyday. He was roundly criticized in political circles. What happens two months later? The very question of Pakistan, and the threat it posed, was asked by a moderator at a nationally-televised debate. As far as Rev. Wright is concerned, I don’t necessarily disagree with anything he has said, but rather the way in which he said it. That the black community, or at least a good portion of it, enthusiastically feels the same way about what he said should not cause dissention. Instead, it should bring us together to address the issues he presented. In other words-communicate. I am thrilled that Barack has secured the Democratic nomination, and the positive effect he has had in awakening the younger generation. This gives me hope for our nation, that once and for all, Martin Luther King’s dream can become a reality.

Ross Voorhees
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Some victory!?!

A great victory for sexism, race-baiting, and the destruction of the one person=one vote principle [Barack’s nomination is a victory for everyone, Terry Dean, June 5]. Congratulations.

Suza Mandelay
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Thinking of Yasmine

My daughter is a good friend of Yasmine (Acree) [Community aids missing teen search, Feb. 14]. We live just two doors down from her. My daughter asks her brother about her often. We will continue to pray for her safe return.

Spensha Morris
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