Nicole Acree

“English. It’s easy but yet challenging at times. And I guess English, this year, is my favorite subject because I like the teacher. He explains it and makes it interesting. I attend Oak Park and River Forest High School. My plans for this summer is my parents are taking me and my brother to Cancun, Mexico. And after Cancun, the youth from St. John’s are going to Los Angeles.”

Brandi Hill

“I like literature and I really enjoy writing. I love putting things down on paper. I’m looking forward to attending the youth trip to Los Angeles, and also this summer I will be looking for a job. I attend Prosser High Academy.”

Dimitri Crittle

“I attend North Lawndale Prep School and my favorite subject is English because it keeps me interested. There are certain subjects I don’t feel like doing sometimes, but English, I like it, and reading and writing. I like writing and putting my thoughts down on paper. So far, I’ve been pretty good at it. Summer plans-my school is going to Colorado for a camping trip in the mountains. We will be climbing mountains and doing different experiments that will build the school up.”

Marvin Jenkins

“I like the debating class because it keeps me motivated. I like debating about politics, and nowadays, events that are current. Debating really keeps your brain stimulated and makes you think about many things. This summer I plan on being active with church events and playing a little basketball. I attend Steinmetz High School.”

Jericka Wilkins

“My favorite subject is world history because I like to find out what happened in the olden days and how things today relate to it, and why we are in the war now. With world history, I can be informed on what is going on in the White House and things like that. This summer I plan to go on the Los Angeles trip with the church, and attend basketball camp. I attend Chicago Academy High School.”

Shakiyla Harris

“My favorite subject is geometry because I like counting numbers and keeping track of my money. I attend Austin Business Entrepreneurship Academy, and I plan to go to Los Angeles with the church. After that, I will go to IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) for doctoral college class, preparing for my future plans.”