Encourage youth

Foremost, I am a big fan of Philip Jackson and his Black Star Project [Black Star hosts Austin men’s walk, June 12]. I also co-organized The Million Father March in Detroit. I am equally grateful for his hard work and efforts to better our people and planet. I believe, too, that to improve the condition of black America, it is critical for us to find the best ways to reach and teach our children. My calling is to also inspire pride, power and purpose in today’s young generation. That’s accomplished by increasing awareness and knowledge of their, and our, brilliant African-American culture and history. The urgency to revive the power of our people to achieve higher levels of academic successes for our youth is obvious. Thus, please share the message and encourage others to do their part.

R. Lee Gordon
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com.

Hillary would’ve been the wrong choice

Perhaps she wasn’t that popular after all [Perhaps principle, not politics, keeps Clinton in race, Randon Gardley, May 29]. Frankly, I think 20 years of rule by the Bush and Clinton families has left this country in ruins. It wasn’t just the Bush administration that was asleep at the wheel when 9/11 happened. The signs of trouble should have been recognized by the Clinton administration, but they weren’t. It isn’t just during the Bush administration that jobs have been outsourced to other countries. It started during the Clinton administration when President Clinton made NAFTA one of his legislative priorities. And then there is the fact that Hillary comes with Bill, who you may recall was impeached for lying to Congress about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Do you think most Americans want him roaming the halls of the White House again? People like me are sick of both families and their divisive, confrontational style of governing. We are tired of nothing being accomplished in government while New Orleans sits in ruins, a bridge long in need of repair collapses in Minneapolis, and 45 million Americans remain without health care. It isn’t that the country isn’t ready for a woman to be president. It’s that she wasn’t the woman. Yes, her supporters love and admire her, but unfortunately for her, most Americans do not.

Steven Roelofs
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com.

Good way to address violence

Thanks to La Risa Lynch on a great article [Taking it to the street, May 22), and to the South Austin Community Council Coalition for their peaceful and positive way of dealing with violence. Pass it along!

Ann Frisch
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com.

More jobs needed

I totally agree that we need more jobs in the Austin community [Why the Brach site shouldn’t become a high school, Arlene Jones, May 5], and we need to address the issue of the kids going and doing well at the schools we already have.

Chrystal Kyles
Submitted at AustinWeeklyNews.com.