Patty Crawford

“I would choose my husband, Rev. John H. Crawford Jr. I think he would be a great person as vice president. As for Hillary, we’ve had her husband already-we don’t need her. Sen. Obama would have two vice presidents with her, and they represent a lot of the old ways. We need someone young with new ideas, not a vice president that would be divisive and hard to work with.”

Jokiva Strayhorne:

“He needs someone that can help him hand-and-foot wherever he goes, whether it is in our communities or somewhere else. He will need someone that will give him good ideas. As for Hillary, I don’t think that much about her. I’m thinking about the person that I know could help me and would help me.”

Rev. John Crawford Jr.

“I think he should make his own choice, and if you’re with Senator Obama, then that should mean cooperation between the two individuals. But if I had to pick someone it would be General Colin Powell because he has the experience. He’s been in the military and the Bush administration. I don’t think America would be ready for two blacks but that would be an ideal situation. I’m not in favor of Hillary. They already had their chance-not another eight years of Clintons. They would both be in there telling Obama how to do things.”

Dede Tyler

“I think he should choose someone that will be in his corner and enhance his presidency. He should be able to make the choice on his own as did past candidates and not be influenced by others. I don’t ever remember the burden being put on other candidates like it has been with Senator Obama. People who claimed they will defect if he does not choose Senator Clinton don’t care about the Democratic Party, but are selfish. These same women will be the first to scream when John McCain gets rid of the law for a women’s right to choose.”

Stacia Crawford

“I think Senator Obama should take Ed Rendell as his running mate. He’s a Democratic governor. He’s done a lot for Pennsylvania and I think that he and Obama feel the same on a lot of issues. And by Pennsylvania being such a big state, I think it would also help him get a lot of votes in November.”

Ricardo Bradford

“He should bring in somebody who understands his views, and make it where he understands their views too so they can make the country a little better place. As for choosing Hillary; in the beginning, I leaned toward her, but some of her comments she has made have been reckless. Right now, he has no place for that. This is history in the making and we’re trying to make it.”