Children should have input concerning their future

I would just like to say that you are exactly right [Activists partner for anti-violence network, June 19]. Children must have input into the activities aimed at changing their behavior. I do a presentation on youth violence and life choices based on my son’s murder. If I can be of service to you please contact me.

Daniel Sweeting
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Questioning Obama not out of line

It does not make a difference when the controversy around Rev. Wright’s and or Senator Obama’s speech was made [It’s time for prophetic talk in our body politic, Marshall Hatch, March 27]. Senator Obama is a great man; however, he’s not Moses, King David, or Jesus. The truth is, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, God bless his soul, purposely made ignorant statements about America and Senator Hillary Clinton. This was done on purpose. The question remains-was Rev., Dr. Jeremiah Wright trying to help or hurt Obama? My friends, a prophetic message in its infant stages would have spoken to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and said “No, don’t say this. That will hurt Senator Obama’s image.” The truth is Rev. Wright didn’t care about harming Senator Obama’s image. If he cared, he would not have made such stupid statements. It was only the beginning, my beloved friends. Wait until the Republicans, and/or the media, release photos of Rev. Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan meeting with leaders of Communist countries. I see nothing wrong with those meetings. However, the media and the Republicans will put a good ole spin on it. This is the big leagues. We “black folks” can’t claim racism every time Obama is challenged on the issues. The “3 a.m.” commercial Senator Clinton ran against Obama in Ohio was brilliant. Questions about one’s spiritual leader are also legit, especially when your spiritual leader is seen in photos on overseas trips with someone who believes that whites are blue-eyed devils. Let’s be honest, if Obama were white he would already be on vacation somewhere with former Senator John Edwards. He’s doing well largely because he’s black-ain’t nothing wrong with that. Work it out, my brother.

Rev. Jim Allen
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Help us find Yasmine

We miss her [Yasmine Acree, cousin of Austin pastor, missing, Jan 24]. She was my best, best, best friend, and I can not sleep with her gone. She is like a sister to me and always will be. We love her so much. Help find her.

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