Rev. Webb Evans

“The main thing now is that we’re trying to get Obama into the White House. I think this is one step in helping to get into the White House. If Sen. Clinton has a following of 18 million people, then if he doesn’t help her, chances are her followers are not going to help him. I think that can be another method of us helping Obama if he helps her pay off her debt.”

Betty Magness

“I think because Sen. Obama is a man of integrity and an honest person, he will do what he needs to do to bring unity to the Democratic Party. And that includes freeing her up at some level from the debt she has.”

Richard Thomas

“I love Hillary. I think she is a wonderful person, but she ought to pay her own money with all the money she got. She can afford it.”

Eddie Read

“I think they owe all of us some money. Only thing: I think before we start paying them, they still owe us a lot of money because there is a lot we didn’t get out of the Clinton administration. We lost money, so let’s talk about what they owe us before we talk about what anybody ought to pay them.

St. Clair Booker

“She should take it out of that $100 million she and her husband have accumulated and leave him alone. Don’t give her nothing.”

Eunice Wigfall

“I would like to know why she needs help paying her debt down when she would not get out of the race once she saw she could not win. She stayed in the race, continuing to run her campaign debt up. So now, she is seemingly rushing him to help her pay the debt. I can go along with him to a point, but paying the whole campaign debt? No.”

Rev. Willie T. Barrow

“I think he is the man in which he says he is. I’m not surprised in his helping her. When I met him, I saw the Christianity in him. He brought his two little daughters every Saturday to PUSH by himself. He holds no grudges and he doesn’t need the connections. The Democratic National Committee needs the connections. And he has enough vision to make that happen. So therefore, no matter what people think with what happened with him and Hillary, he has the ability to ‘live and live’ because he knows that God has ordained him for such time as this.”