Marguerita Jones

“I would ask what could he do to get rid of the drugs in our neighborhoods. And my second question would be why do we have all this killing, [and] policemen killing all these young people? What can we do about it? That needs to stop.”

Peggy Danley

“They put up those surveillance lights and they are supposed to be able to see what is going on. My thing is they are not really doing any good. If they are seeing criminal activity, somebody is not telling because the dope dealers leave the corner and, all of a sudden, they will return. We have all these cameras and nothing happens. We never get a report on what they have done. You can go to the CAPS meetings and never find out how many criminals were picked up, when and where. This is what I want to know.”

Dora Burton

“I would ask the mayor about all the scams against seniors. People invade our neighborhoods, call at all times of the night and tell them how they can get a low-equity loan. So many of my friends have been caught in this scam and have lost quite a bit of money. The savings they put up for retirement is being used to get out of these scams. These people will call and tell you things like: ‘This is furnished by the government.’ Right away, older people think, ‘Oh, the government. This is ok.’ Seniors, not knowing any different, have even turned over cash money to these people. They are fly-by-night scammers. So my question, Mr. Mayor: What can you do about this?”

Salina Linton

“I would like to know why we don’t have big brothers, big sisters or social centers in our community so that young people my age would have something to do?”

Alisha Wilson

“My question for Mayor Daley would be: What type of programs do we have for our youth as far as teenage pregnancy, gangs and drugs? And because all of our kids are not into or interested in those types of programs, my next question is what else can we do to prevent teenage pregnancy, drugs and gangs? I think we should have some type of program geared toward young people so they can be encouraged to get their education, and not become the next drug dealer or murder victim. They should have something to encourage our teens to do positive things.”

Antoinette Linton

“I would ask why they don’t have programs for younger kids to keep them out of trouble.”

Aaron Linton

“Why don’t we have Boys and Girls Clubs? That would help keep kids our age out of trouble and off the streets.”

Editor’s note: This is a reprint of a Streetbeat that ran Aug. 30.