God has a plan for everyone

Last Thursday Aug. 28, 2008 was the 53rd year since the murder of Emmitt Till and the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” message to the nation during the 1963 March on Washington. Last Thursday was also Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech as the first African-American presidential nominee of a major political party. The Democratic and Republican convention dates were set more than a year ago to allow for the completion of the Olympics. Was that a coincidence or confirmation that God is trying to tell us something? Coincidence would mean these things “just happened.” Confirmation means, as Judges 6:40 says, “God did it” to confirm his word and demonstrate his faithfulness. When Gideon sought confirmation that God was indeed directing his assignment, Gideon asked for signs. First, Gideon cut a fleece of wool, placed it on the floor at night, and asked God to allow the morning dew to be on the fleece only and not on the ground. When morning came, the fleece was so wet he wrung a bowl of water from it, but the ground around it was completely dry. It could have been a coincidence, you think? Well, the next night Gideon asked for the opposite, dry fleece surrounded by grass wet with morning dew. When Gideon awoke, it was just as he had asked. Obviously, God did it. Confirmation builds our faith to act on God’s word.

The text in Judges reveals at least three important things from the heart of God. First, God is never bothered by our need for confirmation. Secondly, we see that he is the God of multiple confirmations. Lastly, God expects us to move out on his word when enough confirmation is given. Don’t ignore the signs. Don’t you see when we move at God’s command, the battle is not ours; it’s the lord’s. The signs of 2008 point to a generational transition. This is the season to believe God for new things, new direction, and new assignments. Don’t ignore his confirmations in your life-move out at God’s command.

Rev. Marshall E. Hatch
Submitted at www.AustinWeeklyNews.com