Tim Jackson

“I once had the opportunity to speak to Senator Obama, and my question at the time was ‘Would you like to see a cartoon I drew of you?’ He said yes. It was what I called the ‘Mount Rushmore Cartoon.’ It had his face carved on the side and Hillary Clinton saying to the two donkeys ‘Would you be jumping the gun a bit you guys?’ Senator Obama took the cartoon. I signed it and gave it to him.”

Lisa Richmond

“I work in the building industry and I’m seeing a lot of layoffs. I would like to know what either candidate plans on doing about creating jobs.”

LaMorris Richmond

“My question would be: may I have a job, and my friends also? And a job with medical and dental benefits.”

Veronica Walls

“I would like my question to go to candidate Obama. I would like to know what are you going to plan for our troops if you are elected president? Once the troops come back from Iraq what programs will there be for their healing mentally and financially. Knowing all the hardships they are going through, and especially with medical care, what are your plans?”

Turtel Onli

“What I would like to ask candidate Obama-since he lives within walking distance of Kenwood Academy (High School) and Dyett Academic Center-everyday he sees police cars out there escorting kids and making sure they are safe. Why is it that he never talks about crime and violence, not just in the African American community but throughout the United States? Because when you look at the news you got rich people, poor people, you got all kind of people in this country killing each other. So it is easy to say you are going after terrorists, but why aren’t you going after these local terrorist? And actually, I would pose this question to Senator McCain too because neither candidate is talking about crime and violence in America.”

Dr. Yaounde Olu

“For both candidates; what will they do about rearranging the priorities of this country? The majority of all dollars that we generate goes toward military applications. What about health care, drug abuse prevention treatment and all the other areas that benefit citizens?”