Andrea Little

“I think Senator Barack Obama won. He answered the questions clearly, he was cool, he was calm, very knowledgeable and talked about the issues. Senator McCain, I think, tried to be negative, picking a fight. The country is going through hard times, so I think it’s better to stay positive and focus on the issues. That is more important than to try and tear down a character of someone.”

Charles Edge

“I think Senator Obama won because he explained everything clearly, and McCain seemed like he was going back to the same subjects and couldn’t answer some of the questions. I feel like Obama answered them better.”

Dasialen Redmond

“Well, I honestly think they both had some good ideas, and I really didn’t think nobody won because they both had the same ideas. But Barack Obama’s ideas were more sufficient because he explained more what he was going to do.”

Erin Brooks

“I didn’t watch the debates, but if I was old enough to vote I would vote for Obama because he is more in touch with young people and I can relate to him.”

Senalde Grady

“I think [Obama] addressed the needs and our concerns with the middle class; making sure that Medicare [and] taxes are cleaned up. I think he really addressed the needs we needed to hear because he stayed on point and not a lot bashing.”

Roger Tisby

“Obama won the debate. Everything he said was clear and he is going to help everyone with health care and lower taxes. John McCain kept on copying him, and he kept on going back to same things that had been discussed.”