Viola Martin

“One thing concerning awareness is to have more meetings like Sisters Embracing Life, with more incentives for people to attend. Our name is Sisters Embracing Life. It should be Sisters and Brothers Embracing Life. I tried to get my brother to come because he had prostate cancer, so it has impacted me with my brother, sisters and close friends of mine. I am a survivor for 29 years. God is certainly good.”

Maxine Ware

“It has really affected my life through friends I’ve known who had breast cancer. I have a friend right now that will be celebrating 18 years of being cancer free. We also have several members at my church that have 10 and 15 years of survival. I myself would like for everybody to know the importance of having their mammogram tests. The vice president of Sister’s Embracing Life, Ms. Ruby Bailey, came to my church to do a presentation, and a couple of the ladies realized the urgency of having a mammogram. They did follow up on getting a mammogram. I did have a sister-in-law who was diagnosed in February of this year, so we keep her in our prayers. And I hope people will start taking care of themselves and making sure they do their regular routines before it takes a toll on them.”

Annie Gordon

“Breast cancer has impacted my life through my mother. She is a breast cancer survivor for 8 years. I just try to help her with her organization and do whatever I can to support her to help get the message out about breast cancer awareness.”

Lula Gordon

“Education is the most important part, and making our community aware of what is going on. As a survivor myself, at first it was kind of tragic but now I have adjusted. I just think cancer was a blessing for me. So I can get out and tell our people about what is going on in the community and help save their lives.”

Emma Trust

“I have a sister who has breast cancer for the last 10 years. She is now cancer free. I’ve had friends I support and I think that most women should be sure to get their mammograms. My doctor just recently gave me the form to get my test, so I plan to get my test next week. It’s a good thing. There are places you can go if you don’t have the money and I urge all women to go get their mammogram.”

Connie Vann

“You have to pay attention to your skin and complexion because during this time of the year my complexion had change greatly back in 1987. For the African-American woman they need to pay attention to their bodies. Listen to your body. Your body will always let you know and keep pushing your doctors when something isn’t right. Come on; let’s get moving because life is too short.”