TaShawanda Davis

“It means a lot to me for the simple fact I believe it is a gift from God that he has given to all his people. It is time for a change. We have had 43 presidents. He will be 44 and that is a good number. It has enlightened my life and makes me want to pursue what I want to do later. If he can do it, we all can do it.”

Cheri Strickland

“That it was time for a change. We need some younger ideas and we won’t have to deal with everything Bush has been putting us through, as far as the war and the economy. This is something good and historical.”

Launa Jones

“Besides this being very historic, I never thought I would see this happen. I think the country has evolved and gone for a man of character. Yes, we got a long way to go, but these are steps in the right direction. It is still going to be difficult for him, but I never thought I would see a black president, especially one with the name Obama. I think he is intelligent and compassionate, and will get the country back on the right track.”

Charley Graham

“It is a good thing to me and it makes my life’s goals stronger. It is a good thing to have a black president, and I never thought this would happen. I am especially happy for my parents and older relatives to witness this.”

Geraldine Pittman

“It is a hope for things to change for everybody, especially for our young men. I never thought I would see a black man become president. My children will witness a different kind of America than I did or my ancestors. Hopefully, this will stop a lot of violence and drug activity.”

John Ware

“I believe he will do what he is supposed to do as a president to serve this country and this nation, and will uphold everybody.”