I was filled with joy and thankful to God when I learned that Senator Barack Obama had won the election. His words were so eloquent as he spoke to us, and I felt that now we could have a true advocate in the White House with justice for all.

I believe he understands that there are disparities in education, health, criminal justice, employment, government, etc. and there is a need for change. I see hope for all of our children in getting opportunities that were denied us because of racial discrimination.

I guess I really see a president who wants to be president to all of the people and to bring a degree of fairness that will benefit the entire nation. It pains me to think of all the talent and skills that have gone unnoticed because of racial discrimination.

The cure to some of our dread diseases may have been solved, but that talent may have been stunted because a child did not have access to a good education. It won’t happen overnight, but I see strong support for an even playing field. I know that if everything is equal, then we will be able to compete and be successful in all areas.

The prayers of the righteous were heard and he is riding on the shoulders of many who have gone before him. He understands that, and he is wise enough to embrace their efforts, at the same time reaching forward to embrace those who are still on the battlefield.

When we are unified, nothing is impossible. I am filled with hope.