Lee Morris

“I would like to see him focus on education, especially of children where there are single mothers and families earning below $40,000 and $50,000. And focus on the elementary school systems, especially when children are young.”

Gina Mabins

“I would like to see him in his first 100 days address the education for the children. I know this is not one of his priorities, but only because he has two children of his own. He was speaking about credits for college and things like that. Make sure that stays in the plan and don’t detour because they do need the education, especially in the black communities. Just like how they saw him being able to accomplish what he accomplished as far as being the president, all it takes is a little hard work and effort. The more money going into education to help these young people, the more people who will be successful, whether it is becoming president, doctors, lawyers or teachers. I would like to see him really focus on that.”

Tamala Daniels

“I think the first thing he should work on is health care because it is very much needed in the African-American community. Also, education for our children because it is very bad in some of our African-American neighborhoods. In order to get a good education nowadays you have to go out into the suburbs. So, hopefully, they would make education in the inner-city a priority.”

Luverta Beene

“The president-elect is going to inherit so much early on, I have no specific thing at this time. His hands are going to be full taking care of so much business.”

Debra Williams

“The first 100 days; I would like to see Obama begin to address the root causes of those issues that are presently facing us educationally, socially and financially. And then give a holistic picture that provides us with information and a course of action across the board. I appreciate how he answers or addresses those issues in the way that does not just put the onus on government, but on the citizen. So as we are informed, I believe he will be able to respond in a way that is more lasting. I know he has been very direct and very intentional when he has been choosing his cabinet; by being sure his cabinet is on the same page with him, and if not, agree to disagree, but then give us some way to function.”

Carl Mabins

“I would like to see him address more of the economical problems we have, [and] the financial situation because there are a lot of people hurting. A lot of black people are hurting. I’m not saying he needs to focus only on us, but something needs to be done to help the people in the community. Really help the people, not just saying ‘help them.’ Something serious needs to be done. I’m praying he will do good, and that God keeps him safe.”