We made history

It was like a dream come true [Our time has come, Nov. 6]. What an honor and a pleasure for the Austin Weekly News to decide for its historic and commemorative Nov. 6 issue to cover Afri-Ware’s election night party on the front page. When I read the article by La Risa Lynch, I relived those nail-biting, anxious moments leading up to the announcement of all announcements. That night, I think we all went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, including dubious anxiety (remembering what is now infamously referred to as the stolen “selection” of Bush) to complete excitement once BARACK OBAMA was announced as the next president. It was more than Democrat vs. Republican. It was seeing the groundswell of people around the world embrace something new. Afri-Ware will now be remembered alongside a great moment in history as the world welcomed the U.S.’s first undeniably black president. While we do not always have funds available to earmark for advertising dollars, we still wanted to publicly go on the record to acknowledge and thank you for allowing this small business the opportunity to shine in the glow of President-elect Barack Obama. I also must not miss giving ongoing thanks to Delores McCain, Frank Lipscomb and Terry Dean for taking time to always keep us in mind when traveling around town. They must be some of the hardest working reporters in town! Please accept this heartfelt thanks.

Nzingha Nommo
Owner of Afri-Ware

Youth center needs support

I’m writing you to make aware that a safe, positive and healthy center for the city’s youth is actively in our midst, combating the negative labels that have so long affixed itself to us and our community. The name is Teen Town, located at 3355 W. Fifth Avenue, on the West Side of Chicago. This center epitomizes the hopes and dreams of residents who desire a place for their youth to receive the true blessings of a healthy, spiritual foundation. My wife and I were blessed to experience an evening there. We witnessed the many activities and programs offered to young men and women entering through its doors. Activities that include a game room with both arcade and table games, as well as a computer and study room, a nursery area, eating space, a weight room, and sanctuary. We were given a view of the overall mission and vision of the Teen Town Center. We also saw the plans for a future expansion, which include a bowling alley and skating rink. I’m writing this because the center is by no means on solid and stable financial ground. I invite any and all of you to check it out for yourselves. It needs your support and assistance.

Leroy and Margo Porche