Abdul Jirreh

“I feel he is the best because he will lower our taxes. The governor should replace Barack Obama with Danny Davis because Danny Davis is not only my congressman, he’s everyone’s congressman, and he does a good job.”

Helen Giles

“He cares very much about people and their problems. Just like when I had a problem when they were trying to foreclose on my house and put me and my son out, I came to Cong. Davis and talked to him about it. I told him about the bank in question and how they were committing mortgage fraud. The congressman believed me. I brought him all my paperwork and he put me in contact with the right people.”

Eugene Logan

“I’ve known Congressman Davis since he was an alderman and he’s always had an open-door policy where any time anybody had an issue, they could come to his office. When my mother was alive she was a strong supporter of Congressman Davis and I’ve always been able to go to his office with any issue and get some feedback or understanding. I’m not that politically-inclined but I’ve watched him. I always felt that he did what was in my best interest. So, I always support him in whatever endeavor he takes on.”

Rev. Joseph Kyles

“I think Danny Davis made the best argument for himself. He is unquestionably the most qualified, and I think (all politics aside) we must send the best qualified person to represent us. He has the history. He has the experience, and I don’t think there is any argument about this. Now, what I hope is that we don’t have politics to usurp someone’s availability. That’s what we pray for.”

Billy Carroll

“I feel he is the best man for the job. He’s trustworthy and he’s a good listener. He works hard [and] is a good man and as far as I’m concerned.”

Coz Carson

“Absolutely, Congressman Davis. I met him when I was working in the 109th Congress with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. He exemplifies everything you would want in a United States senator. He understands the procedure and protocol on Capitol Hll. He has a broad base of support and works across the isle. He’s a powerful speaker [and] has the touch with the common man as well as the elite. I can’t think of anybody better than Congressman Davis to be the next senator from Illinois.”

Mildred Wiley

“He does not need on-the-job training. He’s got the skills, the talent and the base to represent the people. Congressman Davis has been an educator; he’s been an organizer; and it has been proven we need somebody educated and organized to make a major shift in our U.S. Senate. Davis is the man.”

Leo S. McCord

“I feel that Congressman Davis resume’ speaks for itself. The congressman has served in every level of government here in the city of Chicago. He’s been an alderman, county commissioner, U.S. representative and he has served this community and the West Side of Chicago admirably.”