Book Review
Angela Benson proves that temptation comes from every direction for those trying to “get right with God” in her latest book Up Pops the Devil. The best selling author of The Amen Sisters releases her latest novel addressing the trials that a reformed person goes through in their walk in a Christian path. Using the current issue of reformed criminals, Benson addresses the trouble that freedom of choice becomes when it comes to simply living every day life.

The book begins with the introduction of Sean, a minion in hell, whose main job is to keep himself from burning in the pits of Third Hades. Employed by 3Sixes, his boss has him actively trying to gain the soul of Preacher.

Preacher, Wilford Winters, is newly released from prison. He has become a Christian and grown into his name that originally was a moniker for the Bible he carried and penchant for quoting scriptures though he was in the streets selling drugs.

Preacher is ready to bring his family into the fold of the Lord and share with his fiancé and his sons what he has learned about God as they become a family. His goals face challenges immediately.

Tanya, Preacher’s fiancé, is a glamour girl who was only with him for the money, has spent or invested his savings for herself, and is constantly borrowing money from Loretta.

Loretta, Preacher’s sister, is still engaged in the drug game. She is financing Tanya to care for Preacher’s two young sons. Loretta is also engaged in a major drug operation with a local car dealership and is Preacher’s biggest obstacle to living a straight life.

To top it off, Bernard is helping Preacher to get integrated in society. However, Bernard’s wife Serena has a past with Preacher. That situation festers, and eventually blows up in everyone’s face.

In the midst of it all, Sean is at 3Sixes being pressured constantly by the Boss to deliver results. His job is to ball up Preacher’s problems into so tight a knot that he has no option but to make the wrong choices and join the wrong team. Sean, though, has an inability to force Preacher’s hand though all temptation is set out before him.

Preacher remains steadfast in his walk in a Christian path though he does take some wrong turns with the choices he makes. He constantly prays and asks God for direction for himself and for others. Preacher’s major flaw is that he doesn’t want to leave anyone he loves behind. Sometimes you do have to leave others to learn their own lessons. Preacher learns this throughout the novel.

Up Pops the Devil is a look at change and resistance. Sometimes people want to make the right changes in their lives. It seems everything in their lives tries to prevent them from making these changes that may better their existence.

From a Christian perspective, walking with God is a positive experience in life. It may mean giving up slickness and flash for substance and security, which some people don’t want to do.

Up Pops the Devil is a great read and a good choice to add to Christmas lists. There’s a valuable lesson inside for all, torn between having God in their lives and enjoying time spent with family and friends.

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