Andre Hayes

“I’m thankful, for this year we’ve got a new president and maybe things will change now. I’m thankful to be alive and to have my health.”

Jelaner Shelby

“I’m thankful for my life, all my grandchildren who I love to death, my mother, my family and especially my sister, Pastor Rosetta Dotson. I’m looking forward to change with the new year and with the new president-a good change.” (Pictured with granddaughters Mokala, 3, and Desiree, 9)

Rose Sykes

“I’m blessed because I’m alive. I’m blessed that I can get up and help my kids, and we can go to different places, such as Walk By Faith that is helping by giving a children gifts.”

Khaleelah Williams

“I’m thankful for God blessing me for another year. I thank God for my children. And as we get ready for a New Year with a new president I’m looking forward to the homeless getting shelter, and for the children that are homeless, a place they can go where it is warm. It is very cold out here and some people don’t think about the homeless. I think about the homeless. I have a roof over my head and five children, but we could be in the predicament of sitting out in the cold without a place to sleep or eat. I tell my children everyday: We are blessed, fortunate, and we’ve got to thank God everyday.”

JoAnne Goodloe

“I’m thankful for life, a place to live, food, my grandchildren and no deaths in the family. I am thankful for Walk By Faith having a program that gives coats and toys to the children. I didn’t see any way I was going to do anything for my children without the help of this organization. So this is a good thing.”

Jevon Dotson

“I’m thankful for my grandmother, my parents and all my family. I’m thankful for having food, clothes and getting A’s, B’s and Cs in school.”