Ethel Miller

“I would like to know if it is possible to have people help us in the community? Help us to build up our credit. Help us with buying homes, and help people who are disabled. And, help the community organizations who are trying to help people. I want Obama to get in there and help us.”

Tierra Glover

“You ran on change and I am praying and hoping we will see change, especially in the black community. We have a lot of young women who are lost and have given up. By you having daughters, maybe you will look more at our young women in the community and give them hope.”

Rose Walker

“Mr. Obama, I would like to know why are you choosing all of your enemies for your cabinet. You’re smart, so you keep your eyes on your enemies and you know where they are at all times.”

Tangela Green

“Mr. Obama, I voted for you. My family voted for you and we truly believe in you. Every time we vote for someone, when they get in office, they change. I want to know will you change, and how will you help our community-the Austin community? How will you help the young people help themselves, because so many of our young people have given up and lost hope. They figure it is better to sell drugs and make money then to get a job. You campaigned on change. We believe in you and [have] hope for your administration. What is going to be different with you than other presidents we elected into office?”

Maurice ‘Tony’ Jones

“My question for President-elect Obama is: what will he do to help not-for-profit organizations in the community? How will we get better funding? Can he give us a little insight on that and what we can change?”

Alyse Hammonds

“Mr. Obama, are the Olympics coming to Chicago and when are we getting the stimulus check?”

Lee Johnson

“What is he going to do different from what other presidents have done? Is there going to be something done for black people that has not been done by all other presidents during our lifetimes?”