Terrence George

“Well, I think Gov. Ryan has done his time to some extent. He is an older man. I think that what was done does not necessitate him being in jail another three years or however long they want to keep him in there. I think he should be pardoned, if not by the governor, by the president.”

Rev. Walter C. Harris, Sr.

“I think that Gov. Ryan should be pardoned because, obviously, he doesn’t have any connection with O.J. Simpson and they gave O.J. 30 years and he’ll probably never get out-I think that was wrong. I say that he should be pardoned. [Ryan] has already been discouraged, his family has been hurt and he has been hurt. So, I think that he has served his time.

Carl Broadwater

“I don’t think he should get pardoned. If he did something wrong he should pay for the crime he committed.”

LaTressa Hodges Lumpkin

“I think the governor should pardon Gov. Ryan. I think he should have never been arrested nor convicted in the first place. It was politically-motivated due to the fact of his moratorium on the death penalty. He should be released. He should have never been there.”

Demetrice D. Griffin

“I agree that his sentence should be commuted. Basically, we know it was done because he let so many African-Americans get off death row.”