Gov. Rod Blagojevich last week said he wouldn’t resign while facing corruption charges. 
Do you think he should resign?

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Debra Burge
“No, I don’t think he should resign. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So I just think he needs to stay there until they get things right and he has his day in court.

Marlone Chenault
I think the governor needs to explain himself by what is going on here. There are always two sides to a story. I think that he feels the federal government is trying to embarrass him and so they are trying to do a good job of it. We need to hear what he has to say about this because politics is politics.”

Willie Ferba
“Well, it is really hard to give an answer because we haven’t got all of the evidence. I really don’t want to accuse a person or put them in jail before we have all the evidence. All we’re going by is what they are telling us and that there was use of profanity on the tapes. They claimed he gave money to this person and that person-we don’t know yet, so we should wait and see all the evidence.”

Sharon S. Lawson
“I don’t think he should resign until he is found guilty. If he is found guilty then he should resign from office. But everybody is innocent until proven guilty.”

Marcell Chenault
“I feel as though he should resign. I am a daycare provider and union member, and I would like to have a governor who can address union issues rather than someone caught up in alleged scandals. It is hard to govern effectively if the governor spends all his time answering charges from federal officials.”

Clarence Burge
“No. I don’t think he should resign because they have not proven if he has committed a crime yet. If he is proven guilty then he should resign. If he does not, then they should impeach him.”