Larry Davenport

“It means to me that we got a black president and maybe some jobs will open up for the people in the neighborhoods. I’m hoping we can all pull together and get rid of the rift-rafts we see around some communities. Hopefully, he can get everything straightened out with politics, because we got so much going on politically. He has his work cut out for him.”

Margaret Chatman

“It is just so much I think about. I think about when Martin Luther King started marching. He was the first man that could pull the gangs in the city together. And I remember the days when they were called the LSD, which meant the Lords, Stones and Disciples. They gave us chances, gave us grants, and we opened up businesses on 16th Street. We did a lot of good stuff and Martin Luther King started people working together. Now, the way some things have changed out here in the world you wonder if Dr. King was around: would he be able to straighten it out? I just wish he was here, because a lot of dreams that he had he would not believe now. I am a true witness to what King did. He would be so happy today seeing our president, Barack Obama.”

Delores Harris

“It means the world to me. It is like Martin Luther King’s dream came true and it is wonderful.”

Rose “Mama” Williams

“It means a lot to all of us. Our black people have struggled so long, and I know there is going to be a change. It is changing already, and I believe the next 8 years is going to be a whole lot better. I understand it is going to take time, but it will also be an inspiration for our young kids. Not only black people, but for everybody. It is going to be a good thing.”

Gail Bates

“It is great-it brings hope into this world. God has sent us Obama and I am so happy and proud that we can look up now-we don’t have to look down. He has brought life to us like Martin Luther King. He went to the promise land; he said ‘I had a dream.’ This is our dream today. I’m real thankful for Obama. He is the man. ” 

Monique Smith

“Wow, we have come so far and, wow, we have the first African-American president of the United States standing up for his people, representing what this country means to him and to us. I think, finally, we will be at peace, happiness and I believe he will set our future right within this world. All the wars in the world, the struggles we blacks have been through-he has finally made it. This is just what Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and everybody dreamed. We are finally going to see that change.”

Sharonda Smith

“I think it is a new beginning of hope and change for America. By us having a new African-American president we can finally say, ‘We did it,’ and we have made history in the world. Now, it is time for him to crack down, bring home our soldiers and let them see their families, get guns off the streets [and] have a place for poor people to go. We proved everybody wrong that said we could not have a black president. We all have got to work with him.”

Georgio Williams

“I’m glad we got a black president and I’m glad to be here to see history made.”

Note: Rose “Mama” Williams is the owner of Debbie’s Restaurant, which has an “Obama Omelet” on its menu every week with your choice of bacon, ham, steak or cheese.