Charles Lockwood

“I think they should leave the man alone. He hasn’t done no more than anybody else has. He just got himself caught up in something – they should slap him on the hands and let the man go. Leave the man alone. Everybody wants a little money and maybe the next man didn’t get paid.”

Tywan Isom

“I don’t believe the governor should step down. I think everybody has a right to defend themselves. I don’t think he has been given a chance to defend himself. The governor said they have been recording him for years, yet, no indictment. They released part of the tapes and, of course, it is going to benefit them, and we do not know the entire conversations. So no, I don’t think he should step down. He should go through the whole procedure.”

Treana Johnson

“This seems like a big chaos, but we really don’t know in detail what is going on. I believe it is more than what they are telling us. So until we actually find out let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think he should step down. He should fight until they tell him what the charges are.”

Patrick Johnson

“I think he should step down. He finally got caught for what he has been doing for years, probably.”

Michael Lane

“I think they should give him a fair trial. If he’s guilty, then yes he should resign. If he’s not he should continue on with his business. I think the federal investigators may have moved a little too soon, a little too fast. But yes, if he’s guilty, he should go.”

Theo Huff

“I believe that everybody makes mistakes in their life. However, you must do your research because a lot of people are doing things besides him. So we got to look at the situation because he is not the only politician who has done something.”