Garfield Park Golden Dome , 100 N. Central Park

Jeremiah Brown (drummer)

“If given the opportunity I would like to perform for Oprah. I have two from the past: Louis Armstrong and Langston Hughes. Currently, I perform on a regular basis and I am in training with Mr. and Mrs. Sandifer and Michael Ross.”

Aijalon Jaddva (vocalist)

“I would like to perform for Jennifer Hudson and President Obama. I really would have loved to perform for Marian Anderson.”

Jeremiah Caldwell (bass guitar)

“I would like to perform for George Benson. In the past: Duke Ellington and Charlie “Yardbird” Parker.”

David Houston (piano/drummer)

“If I had a chance it would be President Barack Obama, and from the past, jazz pianist Thelonious Monk.”

Tre’ Shawn Duncan (guitar/vocalist)

“Currently, President Obama, and the past: Tupac Shakur and Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Jarrett Dotson (drummer)

“If I could perform for anybody at this time it would be Quincy Jones and President Obama. From the past, I would have to say Mahalia Jackson.”

Michael Cadiz (cello)

“Currently, there is a great cellist named Tony Porter I would like to perform for. From the past, it would be Paul Robeson.”

Lauren Lewis (clarinet)

“I would like to perform for Herbie Hancock and President Obama, and in the past for my grandmother (Pauline), who never heard me play the clarinet.”

Randiss Hopkins (pianist)

“Right now, I would like to perform for Ricky Dillard and New Generation, and from back in the day, The Jackson 5, New Edition and The Temptations.”

Corey Mathis (pianist)

“In today’s time I would like to perform for John Legend and Alicia Keys. These are some of the real musicians of today, without using any kind of samplers or imitations. From the past: Barry White and Ray Charles.”