Black History Month needs to be every month because when we learn about our history, we are inspired to reach for greater goals (And the Austin Weekly News throughout the year always highlights significant people and events in our “This day in Black History” photo feature).

The Austin community has people, organizations and churches making their own positive contributions to history. So let’s have a little fun and see if you can answer the following Austin Community Black History Trivia questions.

1. What is the AAABNA?

2. Where is the Austin Chamber of Commerce located and who is its president?

3. Who is CEO and founder of the Westside Health Authority?

4. Austin community activist Virgil Crawford is an organizer for what organization?


5. Eyes on Austin is a ophthalmology facility at 5519 W. North Avenue.

6. Lillian Drummond is South Austin Coalition Community Council’s senior advisor.

7. The following individuals are police officers in the 15th District: Mary Peery, George Lawson, Donna Kanapes, Lakesha Kneeland, Mattie Riley, Ellen Newcomer, Cora Williams, Bennie Meeks, Irma Ferba, Willie Ferba, Juline McClinton, Willie Macon, Mattie Holmes, Vera Watson, Minnie Smith, Maxine Creightney, Joe Peery, J.B. Carr, Rose McNutt, Marlone Chenault.

8. President Barack Obama lists MacArthur’s Restaurant as one of his favorite eateries.

9. Debbie’s Restaurant at 5658 W. Madison serves Mexican food.

10. Deborah Williams is the pastor of New Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church.

11. Theresa Welch, Bob Vondrasak and Elce Redmond are part of the Obama administration.

12. State Sen. Don Harmon and State Rep. Deborah Graham represent the Lawndale area.

Answers in next week’s paper and online at

-Delores McCain