Raymond Brown

“My wife, Jennifer, is my Valentine and why – because we have been together five years and have three beautiful kids together. She takes care of the house, kids and myself.”

Tresica Samuel

“My mother, Debra Turner. She is such a sweetheart and always makes sure everything is taken care of when I come home from work. She is very attentive. She prepares my meals for me. I often work long hours here at the barber shop. Unlike a barber, I am what you call a lock-technician. I specialize in doing the lock style of hair you see today.”

Allen Thomas

“My Valentine is my beautiful, loving and supportive wife, Lorraine. And the reason she is my Valentine is quite simply: she is the love of my life. She loves me unconditionally and we were meant to be together. And who I would like to be my Valentine? Lorraine.”

Christopher Polk

“My mother, because she has always been in my life. She has cared for me and given me a place to stay all my life. Another Valentine would be a girl named Carla that I dance with. I do street dancing, foot-working and slow dancing.”

Matthew Williams

“My mother, because I’ve been with her all my life and she is always there for me. Shayla would be my other Valentine. We both are musicians and play for our churches. I play the drums and she plays the organ. My church is Deliverance Temple and Shayla’s is Bethel Apostolic. We both play at each others’ church from time to time.”

Terrence Barner

“My Valentine is my girlfriend, A’va. The only other person would be my mother.”