I hope Yasmin is found soon

My heart goes out to Yasmin’s family [Yasmin’s story, Jan.22]. I made a missing banner and have been posting it twice a week on MySpace.com. Prayers to the family, and I hope she will be found. Her banner can be seen at www.myspace.com/lavandadolce.

Lavanda Dolce
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Alan Keyes … the next Abraham Lincoln?

The Republicans never wrote blacks off. And the implication they did is insulting in the extreme [Steele’s presence may help blacks leverage Obama administration, Ira Acree, Feb. 12]. The Republicans are the party of emancipation. The Democrats are the party of slavery and now the party of socialism. Black politics has turned its back on the Grand Old Party. You could have had a black president that really did resemble Lincoln in spirit years ago, if you had supported Alan Keyes. Half the whites in this country could have been easily persuaded to vote for him had Mr. Keyes been blessed with the media propaganda machine and big money donors and Hollywood support that Obama garnered. Mr. Keyes deserves to be compared with Lincoln. As long as blacks embrace the godless humanist policies of the Democrats, they will never really realize the dream. Socialism isn’t going to work in America.

Jonathan Hartley
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Reasonable case against Ron Huberman

Well, at least you have a genuine issue to bring up with this man [Ron Huberman the wrong choice for CPS, Robert Felton, Feb. 12].

I don’t know why you seem to be one of the only opinion writers to mention his experience level.”

Dan Blundon
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The truth about CPS boss’ nationality

Wow, I thought Huberman was bi-racial and in this country, that means he’s African American. I’m confused.”

Karen Lewis.

Clarification: Ron Huberman’s ethnic background is Israeli.