Some of the students at San Miguel School-Gary Comer campus, 819 N. Leamington, share their thoughts about President Obama on the day of his inauguration Jan. 20.

Malik Moore (5th grade): “Today, I feel like a new person. I am thinking about having a party. I hope to have another black president. I believe in Obama.”

Deyonne Fowler (8th): “Today I feel flabbergasted. I am thinking about being the second black president. I hope I achieve that goal. I believe Barack Obama will be a good president.”

Jermal Brown (6th): “Today, I feel great and glad Dr. King’s dream came true. I am thinking about Barack Obama being safe in the White House. I believe change has come and Dr. King was right, and I believe we can help change America.”

Jaylen Gunn (6th): “I am very joyful. I am thinking about becoming the second African-American president. I hope Barack does better than Bush. I believe he will bring prices down and bring troops from Iraq.”

Armand Berger (6th): “Today, I feel happy because the U.S. has a black president. I am thinking about what will be in the future. I believe he’ll be one of the best presidents.”

Amaria Beecham (6th): “I feel very happy that my president is black. I am thinking about how Martin Luther King’s dream came true. I hope from this day on people will say Yes We Can, but right now I will say Yes We Did. I believe that there are more black presidents to come.”

Aeisha Walls (6th): “I am glad that history has been made. I am thinking about Barack Obama and the change in the New Year. I hope Barack Obama will do our country well. I believe that with God following our motion, anything will happen.”

Candis Grissett (6th): “I feel very happy because Barack Obama became president. I am thinking about why no other black people got elected. I hope another black person takes his place. I believe I will become the first black woman president.”

Bria Williams (6th): “Today, I feel so good and excited. I am thinking about the people that said they’d never see an African-American in office. I hope that America will be better. I believe that Barack Obama can make a change.”

Comments provided by San Miguel School