Aronzo Davis

“I think he should step down because he wasn’t being honest from the start. He said nobody asked him the questions, but he has been in office for many years and he is a lawyer, so wouldn’t he know how to answer and what to look out for?”

Theresa Welch Davis

“I think that whatever Roland Burris does is going to be viewed as controversial. I think that he will always be faced with challenges because he was appointed by Blagojevich. I do feel he should have been more forthright with his conversation with the ex-governor’s brother, and not being truthful has brought some discrepancies about him being truthful. I don’t think he is a bad person and I don’t think he meant to mislead anybody. I think he answered the questions the way they were brought to him. So did they say to him ‘Did you actually have conversations with Blagojevich and his staff?’ He said, ‘No. I had conversations with his brother.’ So was his brother staff? So I think he got around the conversation, sort of a play-on-words. Do I think he should step down? I think he should be able to leave that office with dignity. If it means him saying ‘I hold the people of the state of Illinois in high regard; I want them to get the best possible service,’ then I think that he should resign.”

Ruth Nelson

“I feel to keep his dignity, that maybe it’s best for him to step down. He has had a good reputation for many years, but now this cloud hangs over his head because of the former governor. Some things are not worth your dignity and self-respect. His name will always be tarnished because the former governor appointed him.”

Mandrell Brown

“I think he should have come forward with the information he submitted, but other than that he shouldn’t step down. He should ride it out; obviously there are other people that want his seat. So he should put up a fight for it, not just lay down like a rug and get walked on.”

Chaz Murry

“Well, I feel like people should just leave that alone because all the stuff that happened with Blagojevich, he is just the only one to get caught. And it is like they all do it, and it really doesn’t matter what we say, they are going to do what they want to. It is just like a movie. A director or film writer, they have to write out a movie and they can do what they want to do; how the movie is going to be constructed and put together. It is not even our power. It is just a vote and Burris should just ride it out. What more can happen?”

Gyusi Ngozi

“I think it doesn’t matter – it is political entertainment to feed them both, to feed their minds. It really doesn’t matter who is what, and what is not. The key is just surviving.”