Terrance Henning

“The stimulus package will work as long as it filters down to the community at large. If it stays with the banks and lobbyist, they will be making money off of it, and we in the community will continue to suffer a bad economy. At least the president is attempting to do something, which is a lot better than Bush did.”

Latariha Castile

“I would have to say I’m not really impressed with the stimulus package because the unemployment rate is so high right now and a lot of individuals will not benefit from having lower taxes, since they don’t even have employment. I think a lot people will say they need the check right now, as in a refund check. So I think that would be the best thing for the president to do.”

Henry Wingard

“I think the stimulus package will be a good thing. If everything goes right, we get the money and it will filter down to our community. We can work on roads, highways and transportation. We’re in a hard spot right now and everything extra will help.”

Taraniece Ward

“I think President Obama’s stimulus package is a good idea for the entire community. It will help others with different situations or problems they are having paying bills. And it will help to put more money into the economy.”

Mary Baker

“I think the stimulus package will make a change and, with our help, it will make a difference in our communities. We need jobs and we need money to educate our children. As tax payers we did not benefit from the Bush administration. Only the wealthy got stimulus packages and now the entire country is broke because of a greedy few.”

Rachel Johnson

“I think the president’s stimulus package is going to help bring back money to the inner-city. It will get us all spending and generating money into the economy. We are all in debt right now with our bills and just a little bit will help. So I think it will be positive, as long as everybody is working together to try to make his job a little easier. I think it is going to work.”

Jelani Milner

“I really don’t quite understand it and I’m kind of confused, like many people, with the entire package. I understand the president said he will cut back on taxes and we will see more money on our checks. But to be honest, I think I would like to have the one stimulus package check come out and I would be able to pay a few bills all at one time. Saving on my taxes is fine. I like it and appreciate it, but I need one lump sum where I can take care of a few things.”