Tyra Herbert, 11

“I think Chris Brown should spend a long time in jail because most men don’t stay in jail for even one day for abusing women, and it’s not right to put your hands on women and have her with bruises. And she didn’t do anything wrong. He was just hitting her for no reason, and I think it is a crime.”

Darrel Nelson, 10

“Well, I think if Chris Brown really did it he should really explain why he did it and don’t lie about it. If you really hurt somebody you should go and talk to people and confess because if you lie, people are not going to trust you that much. And if Rihanna got really hurt, and you can see those bruises on her, you shouldn’t lie at all because there is evidence that he did. But we all don’t know yet if he really did it or not but if he did he should confess right now. I do think it might hurt his career and people might not want to buy his CDs. I think her career will be ok, but she should not go back to him.”

Joe Molette, 10

“I think Chris Brown was wrong for hitting Rihanna, so he should serve two or three weeks in prison. And I think that Rihanna shouldn’t have thrown his keys out the window. I think Rihanna was kind of wrong too – not just all about Chris Brown.”

Mark Hall, 12

“I think that Chris Brown didn’t mean to do it, but Rihanna probably did something to make him real mad. But boys are not supposed to hit girls. He might have felt like she did something wrong and did something she wasn’t supposed to do, but also he did something that he was not supposed to do.”

Aleyis Carr, 11

“I think Chris Brown is a little boy for hitting Rihanna, because only little boys hit girls. I think he should have stayed in jail and not try to find his way out because sooner or later, he and Robyn are going to get into another fight and then he won’t be able to get out of jail. People are saying he is losing his money and it is not the right thing to do. If Robyn said something to make him mad he should have turned away rather than hit her with all those bruises and making her miss all her engagements. It might hurt his career, but people who don’t believe it is true will continue to buy his music. I don’t think it will hurt her career because she didn’t do anything harmful to him.”

Dawn Jones, 10

“I think it is kind of like both of them, because Rihanna should not have done what she did to Chris Brown. People are saying she did something to him. But my mother always say it is wrong for men to hit women. They are not gentlemen. They have lower-class standards when they hit women.”

Deon Green, 10

“I think that if he really did hit Rihanna he can’t say that he didn’t because they probably have the evidence. They saw the scratches and the bruises on her. He should tell the truth if he really did hit her or not because there may be good behavior; he may not have to go to jail or he may just get community service. And I think it might hurt his career because people might not like him, or buy any of his music.”

Teriyonn Mosley, 11

“I think Chris Brown and Rihanna shouldn’t get back together just because he said ‘I’m sorry’ and he gave her all those gifts. It does not mean he isn’t going to hit her again. I think it might hurt his career a little bit because some people might not be into him that much since he is beating up on women.”