Alicia Campbell

“My response is Afri-Ware. It is an incredible place for people to come and shop. The reason being it makes up for so much that is lacking in the black community. There is so much information. It is a safe haven for young people, as well as adults and older people to come and get a sense of unity with brothers and sisters. It is wonderful.”

Isiah Mitchell

“There is an Afro-centric place over on Congress right off of Cicero- African Arts and Objects (4918 W. Flournoy). It is like a warehouse. It has paintings, clothing, pictures-everything you may need. Go over there- support, support, support. It has a big sign on the building. I recommend it.”

Thelma Taylor

“I live in Richland Park, Ill., and I found a bakery called, The Angel Bakery, and it’s on 175th and Kedzie. It is homemade and very good. I do also buy black-owned Reggie’s Pizza.”

Tammie Conley

“I would recommend Adams Barber Shop, located on Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, right off of Austin Boulevard. I recommend them because they have been in business a very long time and he does quality work.”

Kajaria Yarbrough

“I would recommend Afri-Ware because it is a combination business. It’s a retail store. Sure, you may purchase items here for cultural awareness and enrichment, but more importantly, it’s a cultural resource for the community. Through the various classes that are offered, such as the speaking engagements, various other presentations are meant not only for entertainment but to enlighten. A lot of times, people maybe don’t have access to books, or access to various types of media. They can come to Afri-Ware. There are various types of books, lectures, tapes, CDs, and DVDs; just a wealth of information. And the networking is just amazing. People come and you meet and, just through a casual conversation, a connection is made.”

Yamira L. Jones

“I recommend Afri-Ware and I’ve pretty much been coming here for many years. I think, primarily locally, it is the only business I can come to that actually relates to my culture. And it actually has the friendships and products I pretty much search for every time I go to a store. The owner (Nzingha Nommo), she is always very nice. She tends to call me every time there are products that she knows I’m willing to buy and that I would be interested in. She always calls me for that. So, it’s just a very nice place to go to, and I love sometimes when authors come in. She’s always good about letting us know the presentations that she has.”