DELORES McCAIN ASKS: What do you think about Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed 50 percent increase in income taxes, as well as higher fees for license plates and driver’s licenses?

Seven Seals Media, 5933 W. Madison

Johnny Marshall Sr.

“I think the governor has really lost his mind. His mind is completely gone. People are already struggling with the economy the way it is going now, and you want to increase taxes, increase license plates and other things? We’re looking for a decrease, not an increase. Don’t fault the people for the mistakes that the politicians have done.

“But you want the people to pay for their messup. I don’t think that is right. Find another way. Take some of that lottery money that they are giving away – $200 million that some people are winning. Take some of that money and let the state win it. Use some of that money to take away some of these increases. It’s foolishness. They just waste money.”

Gerald E. Lewis Jr.

“I know that there are a lot of other ways for Gov. Quinn to fix things with the government. I personally don’t think raising the cost of fees for driver’s license and license plates is really the answer. I think that fee is high enough. I would love to see a little bit more feedback from his counterparts to some other ways to get some income for the state. Quite honestly, with the meters and privatizing, I think there is sufficient income coming in for the state.”

Rickey Sanders

“I don’t think that Gov. Pat Quinn should raise any taxes. First of all, the taxes are too high as it is. License plates are $78; going up to $90. We just got too many taxes first of all. Driver’s licenses – when will the bleeding stop for Chicago and the Austin-area people? We’ve got to really put a mandate on the government, the mayor; all these people to stop the taxes. We just need new people in office.”

Lavern Herron

“The proposed tax increase on driver’s licenses and plates is crazy. We already pay enough money – $78 a year already for license plates is more than enough. There is a recession already. People can barely afford to live on a regular income. Increasing simple things like license plates is going to make our situation worse. So, I say thumbs down for it.”

Michael Pearson

“I think 50 percent is a bit too much, but I think there should be a mixture between reducing government and raising taxes for businesses. I think there should be a better mixture of what we do.”

Eric Kittrell

“Well, regarding Gov. Quinn’s proposed tax increase; I feel that in this economic environment no tax increases are called for. However, I do understand that Illinois’ income tax rate is not exorbitant. Nonetheless, the community can not withstand any additional fees or increases, particularly fees for license plates and driver’s licenses. We’re being nickel and dimed enough by Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, for everything under the sun. We need for our state governmental officials to, at least, help try to get us a break.”