How has the election of President Barack Obama influenced you?

 15th District Police headquarters, 5701 W. Madison

Taron Jennings

“His election has influenced me to think I can do anything I want in life. I participated in the Heritage Competition today and we won the first round. This kind of event helps to give us confidence – like the president said, ‘Yes we can.'”

Faith James

“Well, I have more self-confidence in myself; that I will be able to do such, as becoming a doctor and do more things in education because we have a black president. He has encouraged us to look at more career opportunities. And, since he is our president, that I will have more opportunities to attend college.”

Shani Henry

“Basically, it has made me feel like there is no excuse to not make something out of my life. I feel now I can do anything I set my mind to. Prior to his election, I remember comedians would make jokes that we could not have a black president, and now that we have one, it seems so surreal.”

Cedrick Phillips

“With Obama becoming president I believe it paved the way for more African Americans to leave gangs alone and make more of themselves. President Obama is like a beacon of hope to show African Americans that no matter what happens, or no matter how slim chances are, you can always come out on top if you really work at it.”

Dontrel Jones

“It has influenced me because I don’t do the things I use to do anymore, such as getting suspended from school. So when he became president; that woke me up a lot. There has never been a black president so I just see black people standing for something, and they can do anything in their life right now. I just thank God for what he’s done for me and made me realize that anybody can make it in life, not just other people, but blacks too.”

Tyandra Barrow

“The election of President Obama has influenced me greatly and let me know I can become anything in my life. With education and determination, I can achieve whatever goals I reach for.”

(Students from Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy, 231 N. Pine, participated in Streetbeat)