Harald Anonsen

“I think it should be legalized for medicinal purposes, absolutely. Other than that, I don’t really know.”

Victor M. Gomez

“No, but for medical treatment it is OK as long as the criminal element does not get it.”

Lynne Adams-Whitaker

“Yes, I think it should be legalized because of the money spent fighting this useless drug war, especially as it pertains to marijuana. And from what I understand, there are substantial health benefits to marijuana and it is ridiculous not to let people have it with these health issues.”

Louis Mendi

“I actually think it is imperative for medical treatment across the board. It is essential for cancer patients, it’s essential for plenty of people who can’t find relief in other facets of conventional medication. And I also don’t think it is as harmful as some if the things that are legalized, like tobacco and especially alcohol.

Everybody is getting drunk and fighting, smashing cars into trees and it doesn’t necessarily happen with marijuana. I think the only reason it is illegal is the government makes some money off of it being illegal as far as seizures and other drug laws. And they can’t tax it because it is a weed – you can grow it in your backyard. How do they tax that? Nobody would go out and buy it; they would just put it in a planter and grow it on the front porch.”

Ed Schmitt

“I think it should be legalized because we are spending far too much money on the enforcement of it and I think it would be just like cigarettes, if you legalize it you could sell it to get tax revenue and it would be controlled just like we’ve done with cigarettes. We’ve made it a health hazard and now smoking is down and I think the same thing would happen with marijuana. It would cut down on crime and increase revenue for the government.”

Al Whitaker

“I think marijuana should be legalized because of the medical benefits to society and the cost it is to communities. We should use these efforts for real criminals and all the young people who are being killed for senseless reasons.”