Cory Foster

“I agree with schools going year-round because I think it will basically increase our learning opportunities for our kids, as well as increase a safe, nurturing environment for our students.”

Judge Patrice Ball-Reed

“I would agree that they should have year-round schooling. It gives the children more continuity. Not breaking during the summer really does prevent them from actually maintaining what they have learned during the school year. And then trying to review in the fall; it’s just not enough time to get them back on track. The other thing is the schools were started under the system that they currently have, when we were an agricultural community. We are no longer an agricultural community, so we don’t need that break during the planting season or the harvesting season, which was the original purpose for setting up like that. I do think the year-round program would be good. Parents, unfortunately, are going to have to adjust their schedule some, but I think it will be OK in the long run.”

Juanita Bitoy

“I think it is a wonderful idea, and I think it will keep our kids more focused on education. And I believe it will help the community a lot more too because now everybody will want to start getting involved-parents and just the community folks. I think it is a wonderful idea.”

Florence Cox

“I fully support the idea; there being year-round schools. I only wish it were year round for all the schools. I think, basically, all of the students need to be in school year round because our students and our educational system is too far behind those of the rest of the world. When you look at what is happening in other countries, you find that students are being prepared for technological advances. Students are participating in multiple science projects; some of them are participating in programs with NASA and other agencies that are going to be the leaders of the future. The Chicago Public School system is too far behind. It is high time we start looking at how we can catch up. I think this is a good beginning. I hope this is something that continues, and I hope it expands to include all of the elementary and high schools in the city.” (Cox is a former president of the Chicago Board of Education)

Betty Wong

“This is an advantage for all the kids. There should not be any opposition because the children, society and parents will be the winners. It will be a win-win for children.”