“I give him a B-plus. I give him an A towards the stimulus package, but right now, I give him a B because unemployment is really high. Maybe within the next 100 more days, he’ll get an A if unemployment goes down, because people are constantly losing their jobs. But I think he is doing a great job.”


“I give him an A. He is doing his job and doing the best he can. He just took over this administration and all these problems were dumped on him. He cannot solve it overnight; it didn’t happen overnight. He has a hard job trying to clean up this mess.


“I give him a B because he is trying to accomplish something for us, and I believe he is going to try to make things better.”


“I give him an A because of all the difficulties he has received in his administration, and I think he is handling it very well.”


“I give President Obama an A. He is trying to work things out for senior citizens and young children, like my child. And, most importantly, he is trying to work on good health care for us.”


“I like the effort he is putting forth and I believe in change. I think he can make change that will benefit all of us. He does not have an easy job and it will take time to clear up the mess he has inherited from the previous administration. I would give him an A.”


“I would give President Obama an A because; even though in these hard times, the economy seems to be stable. And I know he is doing the best he can and things were dumped on him. He didn’t create the problem. He is not trying to resolve the problem, but dissolve the problem. That is exactly why I would give him an A.”