Thanks for serving community

I would just like to say thank you to all of you at Austin Weekly News, and especially to Ms. Delores McCain, for all that you do [Congressman hosts reception for new chancellor, April 30].

For many of my members the only source of community news that they receive comes from Austin Weekly News. It is apparent in your news coverage that you care about and love the West Side. Be Well.

Rev. Sirchester Jackson
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Something positive for youth

Hey, I like this because I get to do something good and not get in trouble for it [Biz Academy students know their heritage, April 9].

I loved that day. I had a lot of fun. I hope to do it again.

Elizabeth Jones
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What will become of us?

I use to live in Rockwell Gardens [Rockwell Review, April 30]. The building I lived in was 117 S. Rockwell. I would like to know that after this community meeting, how will any of the old residents from Rockwell find out if they will be offered one of these new units?

Also, who can the old tenants call to find out if they can get any of these new homes and apartments with there Section 8 that we had to take because we were put out of our homes?

There are a lot of Rockwell tenants now living in the Austin area waiting to get one of the new units in Rockwell Gardens. This is what was told to us before they tore down our buildings.

Valinda Harvey
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