ReAuna Poe, 11

“The reason I like attending KIPP; because it offers a great education for students, and it also helps us prepare for college. And, I would recommend for other students to come to KIPP because they can really get a good education.”

Clinton Hall, 11

“What I like about KIPP is we get a good education and the teachers are nice. They give us advance work and challenge us so we can do better. They also help us get ready for college so we can be successful and get a good education.”


Nicholas Williams, 11

“What is special about going to school here is that they have a lot of programs that help kids. It’s like they really won’t leave any kid behind with academics. They want all of us to go beyond what we can do, so when we get to college we will be ready to do the work. They have AP (Advance Placement) classes, so if you already know everything on a test you can move on to the next grade level in that subject and you won’t have to be held back in your learning.”


Nathaniel Barrett, 10

“KIPP – it is a lot of fun. And when they teach how to learn things, they do it in a fun way. When they do that, it makes us more interested in what we have to learn. We read 30 minutes a day at home and we read about 20 or 30 minutes at school. So what I really, really like about it is that the teachers are nice and they are not strict or anything. They always help everybody and use a lot of brains to figure out how to make it interesting.”

Daja Brooks, 10

“What is special about KIPP? First, I want to say it is the teachers because they use special and great ways to teach us things. Mrs. Fell, the math teacher, teaches in a fun and special way – like ratios, adding, subtraction and multiplying fractions. Mrs. Henley teaches fiction and tells us to never give up and always keep trying, even when you think you are about to give up. The special unit we did last was a poetry smack down. It was fun and we got to express our emotions that we had inside.”


Anteonta Hawkins, 12

“I love KIPP because they make us earn everything. They don’t give us everything. I love the teachers; they are the best. I love the hours because we learn more. We learn more than all the other schools. Before I came to KIPP my grades were kind of low, but now since I have been at KIPP my grades are A and B. I love the teachers. They are respectful to the students, and they show empathy to the students. If a teacher is sick, they will still come to school unless they are real, real sick. And that is what I like about KIPP.”

Adeja Shannon, 10

“The teachers are awesome. They express their feelings to us and tell us what we can do better. Once we get to know that, I feel hurt inside because, sometimes, I make poor choices and I try to do better because they are like family to me. Another thing I want to say is in reading, my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Henley, we had this poetry slam and I like the poems and everything. We got to take off our mask and show how we really felt inside – all the things that had been hurting us this school year. We wrote autobiography narratives about ourselves.”