LaShawn Ford

“I think President Stroger may need to handle the media a little better and make sure all his ducks are in a row, so that he can deal with these problems. I don’t know if it’s so much racism as it is his ability to deal with the issues when they are presented before him; making smart decisions and doing exactly what he needs to do to deal with the issues..”

Demetrice Griffin

“Yes, I definitely think racism plays a part, and it seems like they just always stop his growth when he tries to do something right. And he definitely has my vote the next time around.”

Ken Hunter

“Racism is pervasive and still an issue, but I certainly hope it is not an issue, and it doesn’t seem to be. One of my bosses said the five most important letters are
T R U S T. I think it is about that. I think it is how issues are being portrayed and how the office is being handled. And I just hope that the president takes into account those five letters. I think that will solve a whole lot of his problems.”

Shari Johnson

“I find it often funny that he is crucified in the media all the time. And he needs to be aware and always has to be cautious about what he says and what he does. They got a lot of problems-true enough-but I feel that the media is a little bit hard on him as they aren’t on other politicians in the city.”

Ronald Hughes

“Yes, I do believe there is some racism involved with some of the other county board members in terms of their treatment of Todd Stroger and their opinion of the tax proposal. I think when you look at any budget, particularly as large as that of Cook County’s, you have to make hard decisions. Sometimes, tax increases are necessary because you either increase the taxes in one place or you actually have cuts that hurt the people. And there are enough people that really need the help of the county to make it from day to day.”

Albetian Alexander

“I think racism plays a part in most issues dealing with politics. Because you have an underclass that is predominately black and you have an upper-class that is predominately white. The upper-class is trying to hold its status quo,. But by the same token, I don’t think Todd Stroger has made some of the wisest choices since he has been president. I think, in some instances, they have certainly had a right to question him and to be on him about certain things. But in terms of racism playing a part, I think it does.”