Darrell Davis

“I think a father is a person that trains his children in the right respect. To honor women and to respect them, and to train their sons to be men; to work, go to school and get an education where they can better themselves for the future. I think that most of us are committed to that. I think they should take care of their wives – love and respect them in every type of way that a man should.”

Anne Moody

“I would describe an exceptional man as someone who is very caring and dedicated. I’m actually married to a man, who is the father of two sons. He spends a lot of time with them, countless hours. There was never a time when we had a free Saturday. We spent morning to afternoon exposing them to different activities, so that they would grow up to be good and sound healthy men, which they are. He also works with youth and spends countless hours with them. It is not a thing that goes from day to day, but it is hour to hour. He becomes a man that is unselfish. He gives of himself all of the time, regardless of his circumstances. There is no limit on spending time with our youth. I think we need more men that are like that.”

Tonney Murray

“An exceptional man is one that will step up to the plate for his children and his family. One who will be there and one that will listen in the time of need, and just be an all-around dad, father, husband, and friend.”

Lisa Davis

“I think that a good father would be a good provider for his family. I think that he would be a mentor, someone his children can look up to. I think, also, that he would be one that is a hard worker, along with his job; maybe even in the community. He is one that would look well to the ways of his household, even if this is a person that has had things going on in his life – that he was able to straighten them out, and to be able to help others. Also, one that would make a good father because, sometimes, you go through things in life, and when we can come back and help others, I think that would also be good. I think a good father is also one who would acknowledge the Lord and put the Lord at the head of his life, too.”

Dwayne Kellogg

“An exceptional father, or man for that matter, is defined by his actions as well as his words. He is someone that knows what is right and what is wrong, and does what is right. [Also], just being a good father and a good role-model. Putting God first in all things and making sure things are done correctly, so that people can follow an example of what a real man should be.”

King Rat

“My description is one who gives guidance, takes time, puts in the effort, and shows the knowledge that you have.”