Norrisa Neal

“I believe Roland Burris should not run because he was appointed to his position. After his term is up he should probably refrain from being involved with politics.

Norris Neal

“I don’t feel he should run because I feel his appointment was tainted. When it’s tainted and wanted so badly like that, it comes in with too much suspicion. And actually, I don’t think he should have been appointed; with all that cloud and suspicion over his head. I think he should step aside and let someone else come out and take the reins.”

Sharon Neal

“I don’t think he should run because of the way he obtained the position. It was done unfairly. So I think he should just step aside and not run, and let some of the qualified young politicians connect.”

Willie Robertson

“I haven’t thought about it one way or the other as of right now. Politicians have really worked my nerves, and I’m tired of running to Springfield and nothing is happening.”

Gloria Warner

“I haven’t really formed an opinion as of yet whether Burris should run or not. There are so many things happening in politics today. I really don’t have enough information to form a good opinion.”