Column nothing more than hate speech

Why do you even print this drivel [There are many ways to speak truth to those in power, Greg Livingston, June 18]. I find it hard to believe you would print someone being an apologist for hate speech directed at black people. This diatribe is just one long use of the race card.

Samatha Andrell
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Columnist speaks the truth

I thought the column was very good. Ms. Andrell, why would you call Rev. Livinston “an apologist?”

What you are doing is reaffirming what we as black people already know: if we as black people defend one another, we are condemned by whites and their sycophants. Has America done, and is she still doing things to black people? Don’t answer that because you probably won’t answer truthfully.

You see, there are those of us who don’t care if your feelings get hurt, because the truth is being spoken. All the column was saying is that no matter how a solution to the race issue is approached, white people won’t like it.

Ayyub Muhammad
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