Natalie Sorrell

“I thought it was a big loss to the pop music world; such a great musical idol. I really don’t have words. He was such a big influence on music and our culture. It will be a great loss to society, but the music will live on forever.”

Karrillian Nash

“It happened so fast, and I know he will be truly missed. I grew up listening to him. It’s a shock and it’s a great loss – may he rest in peace. Also, all the entertainers; they need to get themselves together as far as drugs and things like that. If they have problems, go to someone and talk. Let us not take pain prescriptions or any other kind of drugs to relieve the stress. Everybody has stress. I hate that Michael Jackson went away, but we just have to pray for each and everyone, especially our entertainers because I know they have a lot of things going on.”

Maggiel Nash

“I remember Michael Jackson when he first showed up on television, on the Ed Sullivan Show. He came out singing “ABC.” Then, he came up with the song “Beat It.” In the ’70s and ’80s, the enemy just snuffed out his life. I want to reach out to all the other celebrities: if you got a problem, it is good to confide with someone else. Go to the lord. He said (John 14:1) ‘Let not your heart be troubled.’ I want to give my condolences to the Jackson family, to stay encouraged and keep looking up in Jesus’ name because the best is yet to come.”

Truman Smith

“I think we lost a pop icon and I am going to miss him.”

Mary Rueda

“I’m sad about it. I believe he is one of the most gifted, talented artists there has ever been. I am just so glad I got a chance to really listen to his music and what he’s done to transcend different cultures. He shared a lot of things about love, and that is a good thing.”

Akin Famoyegun

“Michael Jackson is the greatest that ever lived, and he had a lot of interest in international groups. Nobody can match him. That it what Michael is all about.”