Edith Bivens

“In Milwaukee we have experienced the problem that has occurred in Chicago. It is devastating for a family to not be able to visit their loved ones. To think that someone has tampered with family members’ grave sites is like having their funeral all over again. The people who did this had no respect for the dead and should be punished for their actions.”

Beverly Bivens

“In the black community there has always been a tradition of honoring our loved ones, even after death. We put a value on our families and for someone to desecrate their graves is beyond understanding. What type of person could stoop so low; removing the human remains for the benefit of money? It takes a special kind of inhumane individual to do this. Everybody, whether poor or rich, is sacred before God. What they did is reprehensible and cannot be forgiven. I think all people, regardless to ethnicity, would be outraged about what happen at Burr Oak Cemetery.”

 Carl Safford

“It is a sad commentary what this world has come to. To think someone would discard the remains of human beings is terrible. Here in Milwaukee we had something similar happen at one of our large cemeteries that has a large number of African Americans buried there. I can certainly understand the people in Chicago being upset and devastated. The people involved should get 20 years for every human body they removed.”

Patti Reid

“I feel they should be prosecuted to the highest because this happened in Milwaukee a few years ago, and our community was devastated by this. So we have empathy with the people of Chicago. After the Jeffrey Dahmer nightmare here in Milwaukee I thought there couldn’t be anything more ghoulish than that, but the individuals in Chicago have taken ghoulishness to a new low level. People all over the world know about or have read about the Emmett Till lynching during the 1950s. To think that these folks disrespected him by putting his original casket in a dirty garage is sickening. I’m glad his mother was not around to witness this. She fought all her life, making sure his memory was respected. I saw Rev. Jesse Jackson on television stating they deserve a ‘special place in hell.’ I agree with him.”

 Lodine Nichols

“The people in Chicago responsible for this nightmare should be put in prison for the rest of their life. There once was a time that even your habitual criminals would respect the dead. Today, we seem to have an element of people who have no respect for the living or the dead. The individuals in Chicago who are victims of this nightmare have my deepest sympathy; I can imagine how difficult this situation is for them.”

Delores did this week’s Streetbeat while on a personal trip last weekend to Milwaukee.