Juline McClinton

“I think President Obama is a citizen, and I think we’re wasting a lot of valuable time discussing whether he is or whether he is not. With the state of the economy like it is; there are many, many things that we should be discussing. This should be the least thing on the agenda.”

Kleo Barnes

“Basically, it is because of prejudice and jealously. There is really no point in stirring up all of this drama and bringing up irrelevant comments to make it seem like the president isn’t from the U.S. And you can’t become president of the United States if you were not born in America. It doesn’t make any sense; and [for his critics] to create a bogus birth certificate to say that he was born in Kenya. That is just taking too much time and there are so many things we need to get done. He is trying to fix the economy and do so many other things for the American people.”

Marquez Smith

“It is unfair to President Barack Obama, because so far he is a good president. I think these folks are saying this to try and get him out of office.”

Donna Kanapes

“It’s hogwash. He has a birth certificate; he was born in Hawaii; it’s a state of the United State-please. I think it’s bogus

Craig Clay

“Now that we have a black president people are trying to find any means necessary, or any occasion, to make him be wrong. Some of the photos shown of him are really unflattering and some are really nasty, depicting him as Hitler; that is terrible. For now, he is a good president and we need him. What we don’t need are people inciting this negative rhetoric.”

Brittnea Miller

“I think it is really irrelevant with all the other stuff we got going on. With college students struggling trying to go to school and trying to get money for school; I just think this is irrelevant. I think the people who are bringing this up are trying to make a name for themselves.”